I’m Jason Abel, the owner and operator of Athens Tech Guy.

I love computers. As a kid, I first became interested in them when my favorite games didn’t work and I wanted to understand why. I took my first computer apart in elementary school, and earned my first computer repair certification in high school. While in my undergraduate years, not only did I earn my CompTIA A+ credential, but I also gained valuable practical experience. Now, I’m looking forward to putting my training and knowledge to work for you.

I provide network and computer hardware maintenance, repair and troubleshooting. I can also do software installs and virus removal services. Whether you need assistance with your home PC or the system for your small business or nonprofit, I’m the one to call. With reasonable rates plus the cost of parts, my service rates regularly beat the competition. If I can’t solve your computer problem, there’s no charge whatsoever.

Whatever the issue, whether you need software automated for your business, problems detected and removed from your network, or your home PC is just a little glitchy, I’m proud to help. Not only can I solve your issue, but I can also optimize your system so that it runs as quickly and efficiently as it did on the very first day you had it. I am happy to perform regular computer maintenance services to help reduce the occurrence of issues that come up.

Feel free to contact me with any questions, or to schedule an appointment.