Unlike 20 years ago, computers are an integral part of life today at work and at home. Having something quit working when you’re in the middle of a project can be devastating and can mean lost work. The problem is that with these complex machines and software, identifying the issue and making repairs isn’t always an easy task. If you use a PC, follow these tips for keeping your PC running smoothly:

  • Install and run a reliable antivirus program that will update often and address viruses, spyware, trojan horses, rootkits and other harmful software. Most of these can be on the computer for a while before affecting the function of the system.
  • Clear the cookies from the internet history. Keeping an internet history without cookies will help it run more quickly when it’s online.
  • Allow your computer’s operating system to update. Having an up-to-date OS will help reduce the number of viruses and other malware that can infect your computer and make it run slower.
  • Only save items to the computer memory that need to be saved there. Keeping the computer free of excess programs and files will help keep it running faster.
  • Keep 15% of the hard disk space available. Having the disk space too full will make the computer lag.
  • Properly shut the computer down daily, or set up the sleep mode to automatically turn on after a set amount of disuse. Do not pull the plug from the socket or push the power button on the computer regularly.
  • Keep the computer in a low-dust environment without cigarette smoke. Cigarette smoke can even void a warranty because it is harmful to computer hardware.
  • Handle the computer with care. The components of computers are very fragile and dropping it can do serious damage.
  • Place your computer where the fan can breathe to keep the internal workings cool. If it overheats, it can damage the circuit board connections and create issues with the function of the computer.In Home Computer Repair for the Blue Screen of Death

Even following these tips, issues can still arise. Pinpointing and fixing computer software and hardware issues isn’t always possible. Computers will start acting funny if they have viruses; things like pop-ups, shutting down automatically, saying you’ve been hacked, a blue screen of death or a black screen when starting the device up are just some of the symptoms of computer viruses. Instead of buying a new computer to replace the one not running well, call for in-home computer repair. Athens Tech Guy offers a range of computer software and hardware maintenance and repair services to help you save money. The service is reliable.

If you need help with any of the above tips, like installing an antivirus program or if your computer  hard drive needs to be replaced, contact us at Athens Tech Guy for in-home computer repairs. Instead of loading up your computer gear, we will come to you. We serve individuals and small businesses in the 15 mile radius around Athens, OH for onsite and online computer repairs and maintenance. We also provide server support. Give us a call to schedule in-home computer repair and start using your computer again.