New Computers

Often times, when buying a new computer, it needs a little attention to get it set up and running in a preferred method. There are default programs from the manufacturer that can be frustrating to deal with and initialize. Not knowing how to do this or get started, it may be complicated with questions about codes and linking printers and other devices. This is one area where Athens Tech Guy can help out. We provide IT support for small businesses, organizations, and individuals. After pulling the new computers out of the box, call us to help install any new anti-virus software, programs or to initialize your computer.

Software Installation

Instead of taking the time to install new software on the computers for your small business, contact Athens Tech Guy for IT support. Our software installer will come to your home or business and make sure the software is setup like you want on as many computers as you need.

Other Computer Set Up

If you are moving your office and need help making sure the computers are set up once they are moved, let us know. We can come out and make sure all your business’ computers and networks are set up properly and running well, without issues, so you don’t lose any time.

Also, contact us for any computer repair and maintenance issues you have. We serve the Athens, OH area, including Albany, Jacksonville, Amesville, Stewart, Shade, Nelsonville, and more. Individual and small business support can be done via remote online support or onsite repairs and maintenance. In addition, we do a range of other work on IT hardware and software, replace hard drives, diagnose and troubleshoot issues, and work on network infrastructures.