What We Do

For individuals and those with small businesses, finding the right IT support is difficult. The question of finding someone who knows what they’re doing can be a challenge. The IT maintenance at many big stores charge high fees for service, and they may or may not fix the issue. Having to pay fees to have people come to your home or business can add up. However, Athens Tech Guy offers onsite or remote IT maintenance for an affordable rate. We can clean your computer system of malware, diagnose issues, install software, set up computers, and much more. Our IT support technician is here to help you with your personal computer, business computers, network or computer hardware maintenance.

Don’t Let the ‘Broken’ Computer Gather Dust

When the computer slows down or won’t start up when you turn it on, instead of setting it aside and letting it gather dust, contact us. Computers need regular maintenance to keep them running smoothly. How to do IT maintenance isn’t general knowledge to the average person, even though computers are central to nearly every facet of our lives. Therefore, having an IT support technician available to come to your home or business can save thousands of dollars. Viruses can cause your computer to run slowly or to act like it won’t turn on. However, the repairs to get your computer running like new may not be extensive.

Contact us at Athens Tech Guy for IT maintenance and support. We are available to come to you or work on your system online. Call or text us at 740-856-7371 or fill out the online form and tell us what your computer needs.Our onsite and online IT maintenance technician serves the Athens, Ohio area, including a radius of 15 miles around the city. We can help with any of our services for your computer or your business network.