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When your computer isn’t working right, it is helpful to have someone close by who knows how to troubleshoot issues and pinpoint the cause of the malfunctioning hardware or software. It is difficult to know, but the root of the problem may be the hard drive. This piece of hardware is necessary for running a computer, but it is susceptible to failure and can cause computing glitches at the end of its life.
Some signs your computer’s hard drive is starting to fail are:

  • Clicking, grinding or beeping noises
  • Random errors in computing
  • Overheating or consistently running hot
  • Computer may be freezing up, shutting down or restarting
  • Disappearing files

If you notice any of these issues, back up your computer immediately and call Athens Tech Guy to make a certain diagnosis and replace the hard drive, if needed. Hard drive replacement isn’t a time consuming task and we are experienced in making the switch, so you don’t have to lose time waiting when you could be working.

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Regular computer repairs and maintenance are normal to have to keep your computer working well throughout its lifetime. Often times simply having viruses removed will help the computer work well again. Other times a part needs to be replaced. For either of these situations, making the computer repairs are cheaper than purchasing a new computer.

Save yourself money and the hassle of switching computers and call us at Athens Tech Guy to fix your computer. Your satisfaction is our goal.