What We Do

At Athens Tech Guy, we understand how difficult it can be when your computer doesn’t act like normally does. There may be times when the computer restarts without prompting. It may be working really slowly for no reason. Another sign it may not be acting properly is if, when the computer starts up, a blue screen comes up instead of going to the operating system. These are all signs of viruses or malware.

Often times, people who find their computers are not working the way they should will scrap the old computer and go buy another one brand new. Before you do that, contact us at Athens Tech Guy for the best virus removal service. We can help identify viruses and remove them from the computer software. Our process of malware virus removal means that you will have your computer up and running like it did at the beginning.

Regular Malware Removal

Having a computer specialist check your computer for malware and viruses on a regular basis will keep your computer running like new. Viruses can bog down the running speed creating a slower the download speed and time opening for files. This will make your computer seem older than it is. Manage this through regular malware virus removal through Athens Tech Guy. We serve a 15 mile radius around Athens, Ohio and we will come to your home or small business, prepared to fix your computer. Give us a call or text us at 740-856-7371 to schedule an appointment.